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    The editor of this web site, Yuki Yoshida(Hereafter call with the subject of "I", have played what I call "The first, the second and the third stages of Life back in Japan as a top business person. On February 1st, 2009, I began, at the age of late 78, to have what I call "The fourth stage of life" in this soil of the Republic of the Philippines with some aims and reasons, which the visitors would come to find by visiting this Web from time to time.  
      As the visitors of this site see, I try to use as many and much photos concerned. This comes from my motivation of trying to make the visitors enjoy watching the photos concerned, that is, to enjoy visiting this site as a sort of what I call "the illustrated stories". (January 1st, 2018) 

 The photos below are the ones which show what I experienced at the time of being hit by the atomic bomb on August 6, 1945. Students in those day were obliged to throw away studying and work for companies in the absence of employees who were dragged into war battles. My classmates all were assigned to the streetcar and bus repairing plants, while in my case being crippled by polio, I was given office work. It was on my way through the corridore walking to my office alone after the teacher's message in the morning ceremony, that I was hit by the blast. The building collapsed andⅠ was buried under collapsed building with prayer for my helpless escape hope. However, some moment passed, I saw a deem light above my head, so that I crawled up in the debris to the the light above. I was aware I was on the top of the collapsed building, knowing myself looking down far below when I got out. I recall I cried out, "Mammy! Blood coming out!!". Later I came to be aware that I had deep cuts in my face. Well, this is a short real story of a part of a-bomb sufferers' experience. (July 21, 2018)
Image result for 広島電鉄本社ビルImage result for 戦時中の広島電鉄本社車庫Image result for 広電本社ビル被爆時写真「広島電鉄本社ビル」の画像検索結果「広島電鉄本社ビル」の画像検索結果Related imageImage result for 広島電鉄本社ビル
(The photos from left;1. Present head office, 2. Street car dock, 3. Kamiya-cho  Junction, 4.Collapsed building under which I was buried in for some time, 5-6. Its Display Panel in front of the head office building, the last is the office building where I worked.   

     「yuuki yoshida」の画像検索結果
                        Yuuki Yoshida 
               (87-year-4-month old)
    ♪Grateful to be alive and active!♪ 
The upper two photos are in time of my second life in Perpetual university dormitory double rooms, and the below is the newly rented independent house in a village named BelAir 1, where I now live with a Filipino family in a different bigger house. A moment after this photo taken, we had a power cut for a few minutes, which was due to that huge earthquake in Eastern Japan.  

The followings are some of my writing records in English publicly opened. The Japanese editions of this kind are far the more, though.... 
    Articles written in English:not in order
著書・執筆実績・懸賞論文(冊子・雑誌・単行本等)記録(My visual publication record in Japanese)
The columns for my regular writing in the past 
"A-bomb survivor testimony based on the three viewpoints"and
"(Open letter) Dear Mr. President Obama"
"Atomic bomb survivor credits desire to learn for living 'four lives'" (The JAPAN Times, August 4, 2012, by KRIS KOSAKA)
 Calabarzon Breaking News 
 "A-bomb and Me"
Special corner for introduction of the Philippines and its people
The mission for Hibakushas --Needs for building consensus for the Reconciliation between the a-bomb dropper and the sufferers 
Sister Hiroko's deathInternet information & Yoshida blogs                   
 「An episode about Yoshida and Mrs. Ann Adams, polio artist

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This website of mine is some 17 years old. Apart from whether good or not, the volume itself is not small! Just try to click "The Data Size(The Editing volume)". If edited into book form it would be as big as some "A few dozens"!
               English top site records(End of the day) 
                  Japanese top site records(End of the day) 
  (The below photos are the ones before moving to the Philippines)

I was then in the third stage of my life as a business consultant, maverick consultant firm, LOGITANT, Inc., meaning "Logistic and Logical Consultant. Logistic comes from my own experience of managing a trucking industry company, years later developing into what I called "Seven group companies". "Logic" came from my personal life philosophy of "logical thinking and behavior".

The fourth from left is the one depicting "My  9-minutes-speech in Las Vegus in the International conference of SAM(The Society for Advancement of Management)". I was then the president of Hiroshima branch chapter of the SAM(The Society for Advancement of Management). The award was "Material Handling Award". The attendants were some 300, business persons, university professors and the graduate students, one third each. My dear memory was "Huge standing ovation with whistles" occurred and continued even after returned to my table on the stage!!

Thus after spending my first , second and third stages of my life as a top business person, I am in this soil of the Philippines playing what I call "The fourth life". My expectation would be the 5th life in which I would call "The final fifth stage of my life for writing my final personal history".


                      The Events Yoshida selected from Wikipedia
This column is for the absence of "Today@VOA" in the week-end of Saturday and Sunday and National holidays in the American time. This column Editor has no week-end nor any holidays.
                               Events March  18, Yoshida-selected             
                               Events March  17, Yoshida-selected             

This column was first opened by my tinny thought of motivation in which I tried to write something about my Father who died early leaving Me a polio-stricken son whom he boldly used say to Mother, "I would have to take care of this Son throughout my life...". He seemed to be pretended to live longer than Me!(Laugh). The Origin of this column dates back to Oct.2, 2016 with the title of "A Short Story of Yoshida's Car Life in Japan". (March 15, 2019)
...While having a hard time in pursuing the first stage of editing today@VOA , I happened to hit the following file entitled "today@VOA English edition Records”! Be sure to click and see what it is like! For the memory of this column origin, I would like to the following site as its dear memory!
                                 No.649.march.18. 2019.(Scheduled)                      

     "today@VOA English edition Records"(June 15, 2016
The viewers would find big progress of the headquarter by taking a look at this!(March 18, 2019)

      today@VOA June 15, 2016

On This Day in American History
On June 15, 1877, Henry Ossian Flipper, a former slave, is the first African-American to graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. During his four years at West Point, Flipper was never spoken to by a white cadet.

YOSHIDA BLOG: The root of this information comes, I happened to find, seems to be "1877 First African American graduate of West Point" (HISTORY). I learned that this distinguished African Academy graduate man had a hard life after graduation. One of the attached photos in which then President Clinton signed a document of recognizing and recovering of Henry's dignity.
  「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果  「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果関連画像「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果
      関連画像「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果      「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果  「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果
                  「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果 「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果  「Henry Ossian Flipper」の画像検索結果 
            "1877 First African American graduate of West Point-HISTORY"

                                        No.648.march.15. 2019.
       "On March 15, 1820, Maine enters the Union as the 23rd state."
            "1820 Maine enters the Union-HISTORY"     "Maine-HISTORY"   
             "Maine-Wikipedia"            "Maine enters the 23rd states-Pictures"
                         (The 59-13-line-photo-attached file/205.5KB)  

     "Obituaries": Who lived more than 100-year-old or close"(Note; This column was opened since the New York Times mail "Obituries" began to catch my eyes and interest,  wishing myself I could live and do something good in the rest of my longer life. However, it happened the New York Times began to want the males with monthly fee. Being myself in living dependent on the Philippines family and troublesome for the payment, I selected others for the same information, so that, as seen, I have come to use other mass medias.)    
                                       No.40:March 16, 2019
        "Edith Iglauer, Journalist and Bard of Canada, Dies at 101"
 "Edith Iglauer, magazine writer and memoirist of Canadian life, dies at 101-Chikago Tribune"       
Edith Iglauer, Journalist and Bard of Canada, Dies at 101-New York Times"
-photos"                   (The 32-6-line-photo-file-attached/271.66KB)
Image result for Edith Iglauer, an American writerImage result for Edith Iglauer,  a best-selling memoir about her romance with a salmon fisherman,Image result for Edith Iglauer was born in Cleveland, Ohio.
   Image result for born wordImage result for inImage result for Cleveland, OhioImage result for married wordImage result for philip hamburgerImage result for writer wordImage result for Philip Hamburger and raised two sons in New York.HardcoverPaperback
     Image result for divorcedImage result for Philip HamburgerImage result for the words by Edith Iglauer,Image result for the words by Edith Iglauer,
  Kindle EditionImage result for Edith IglauerImage result for contributorImage result for forImage result for the New Yorker magazine,Image result for The New People (1966, reprinted and updated as Inuit Journey in 1979 and 2000)     Image result for The New People (1966, reprinted and updated as Inuit Journey in 1979 and 2000)Image result for The New People by Edith IglauerImage result for The New People by Edith IglauerImage result for The New People by Edith IglauerImage result for The New People by Edith Iglauer
         Image result for Edith Iglauer  Image result for died Image result for pneumonia      Image result for 101 year old  
"Edith Iglauer, magazine writer and memoirist of Canadian life, dies at 101-Chikago Tribune"                                                 
                                          No.39:March 16, 2019
"York Times Marian Sulzberger Heiskell, Civic Leader in New York City, Dies at 100-New York Times"
"Marian Sulzberger Heiskell, Civic Leader in New York City, Dies at 100-New York Times"       
  "Marian Sulzberger Heiskell Edit Profile"   "Marian Sulzberger Heiskell-photos"
                          (The 21-5-line-photo-file-attached/170.93KB)

          An episode about Yoshida and Mrs. Ann Adams, polio artist
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